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About Armenia

Useful information about Armenia


Electricity in Armenia is mostly 220 volts 50Hz.


Service is usually included in the bill in bars and restaurants, but tips are welcome.

Health Regulation

No mandatory immunisations are required for travellers visiting Armenia.

Local Transport

Armenia uses the right - side movement principle. Transport connection between cities is by buses and mini - vans. Principle transportation in Yerevan - bus, trolley bus, tram, subway and taxi. Yerevan Subway works from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Public transportation in Armenia is very cheap. Tickets for bus, trolley bus and subway cost 10 cents not depending upon the length of the journey. Taxis are also rather cheap, costing about 1 EURO for 4 kilometer, though meters are practically not used by taxi drivers. There is a number of taxi-by-phone services available in Yerevan. Car rental. Car rental service is still not available in Armenia. Here you can hire car only with a driver.


Armenia is a stable country, which has the proven ability to undergo political change without civil and economic unrest. Crime rates are the lowest in the region. It is safe to walk at night in downtown Yerevan.

Local Time-Zone

Armenia is 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time from April to September and 3 hours from October to March.


Ambulance: dial 103
Police: dial 102
Fire brigade: dial 101

Foods and Drinks

Like its history, Armenian cuisine has a rich and divers heritage. The most traditional Armenian dish is dolma, which is made of cabbage and vine leaves stuffed with meat or rice. Other specialities include khorovats, a barbecued dish of meats, kebabs, and spas, a rich youghurt soup made with corn or rice. Armenia is also famous for its trout fish particularly those from Lake Sevan (known locally as ishghan or the "prince of all fish"). An unleavened bread known as lavash is served with most meals. Armenian cuisine can be highly spiced. Alcohol is widely available including many locally produced wines, brandies and vodka. Armenian brandies are particularly noteworthy and enjoy an international reputation. Yerevan has a wide range of restaurants that offer different western and middle eastern cuisines.

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Armenia history and culture

By saying "Armenia" one can imply the area where the Armenian people have been shaped as a nation, lived and made its history.

Greek historians called this country Armenia more than 3000 years ago. Now the country is called Republic of Armenia, which is a democratic, independent and stable country.

Armenia is a country of ancient culture and it is often referred to as "an open air museum", and the Ararat Valley is the "main hall" of that museum. It is the site of all capitals that Armenians have built throughout their long history.

In 782 B.C. the Urartian king Argishti the First founded Erebuni, the military and administrative center of the state of Urartu, on the place of present-day Yerevan. The foreign visitors can enjoy the ruins of the fortress, which are in the southeastern part of today's Yerevan, on the Arin-Berd hill, and learn the history of our capital in the museum.

In 301 Armenia adopted Christianity thus becoming the first country in the world to proclaim it as a state religion. In 2001 we were celebrating the 1700th anniversary of adoption of Christianity in Armenia.

Armenia is famous for its numerous churches. 16 of them are in Yerevan, and among them are St. Sargis, St Hovhannes, Zoravor, St. Gevork.

In 405 St. Mesrop Mashtots invented the armenian alphabet. Armenian alphabet, which consists of 39 letters, and can express most of the sounds of foreign languages.

Armenia has ancient history, art, culture and architecture.

One unique Armenian art form is the khatchkar, which are intricately carved stone crosses found throughout the country. The oldest khatchkars date from the 4th century A.D.

The crosses, which one encounters everywhere in Armenia, are as unlike one another as the armenian monasteries and churches.

The Capital of Armenia is Yerevan, which was mentioned for the first time as a capital of the Ararat country by some chronicles in the 14th century.

Yerevan is situated in the north-eastern part of the Ararat valley. Visitors of the Armenian capital can enjoy walking the city streets and see many historical and cultural sights.

Zvartnots airport is the main gateway to Yerevan and the country. Its circular design and gorgeous construction are much impressive.

Visiting Yerevan will leave you with unforgettable impressions about an ancient and, at the same time, modern city.

Because of the complex relief of the mountains and different altitudes the climate is extremely diverse.

3200 species of different plants grow in Armenia. Apricot is considered to be the queen of fruits' assemblage. Apricot grows in Armenia from time immemorial. Many have tried to grow the armenian apricot in their native countries but its incomparable taste nowhere proved to be the same as in Armenia.

From ancient times, Armenia has been known as a country of viniculture and wine-growing. The visitors can taste the Armenian wine and fell the unique taste of it.

Armenian cognac comes in many special brands that won silver and gold medals in numerous international shows. Armenian cognacs are aged from 6 to 50 years, and are from 40 to 57 proof.

Armenia is an ancient country whose brave-hearted kings have crossed swords with the rulers of Assyria, Persia, Roman, and Byzantine Empires.

When visiting Armenia - an open-air museum - you will hear the chimes of the stone, and you will fell yourself amidst the ancient ages and modern times.

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