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5th Young Medics International Conference

Message from the 5th YMIC President

Dear Colleagues,

It is an honour and great pleasure for Armenian Medical Association (ArMA) to welcome all medical and biomedical specialists as well as medical students, residents and interns from Armenia and all over the world to the 5th Young Medics’ International Conference (5th YMIC) - an outstanding event held biannually in the beautiful and ancient City of Yerevan (782 BC), the capital of Armenia. It is worth to mention that this time the Conference is going to celebrate its jubilee 5th turn and the Organizing Committee will do its best to make it a memorable and scientifically noticeable medical event for all participants. In particular, a new to its program is focusing on 3-4 main directions of medicine and inviting leading key note speakers.

Armenia is one of the world’s ancient countries with essential historical connections with many important civilizations the ones like Roman empire, Parthia, Assyria, Egypt, China, etc. It is not a casualty when famous British historian David Lang named his book dedicated to the history of our country “The Cradle of Civilization”. The first state in the world adopting Christianity officially in 301 AD has strong medical traditions. Several Armenian physicians (bzhshkapets) like Mkhitar Heratsi (“Consolation of Fevers”, 1184 AD, “On the Structure and Origin of the Eye”, “On Hernia”), Grigoris (“Analysis of the Nature of Man and his Ailments” 13 c. AD), Grigor Tatevatsi (“Book of Questions”), Amirdovlat Amasiatsi (“Usefulness of Medicine”, 1469 AD, “Useless for Ignorance”, 1482 AD) and others played serious role in medieval centuries in the region and across Europe and Mediterranean.

We highly hope our efforts in further to partake in the global medical developments will meet your willingness and expectations. Young biomedical specialists from around the globe who have original scientific data and are interested in sharing their experience with colleagues are encouraged to submit abstracts for the Conference. This Conference will be a great chance for many to gain experience and make friends and touch Armenia’s unique culture.

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On behalf of the Organizing Committee we are looking forward to welcoming you to Yerevan.

Samson Khachatryan
President of the 5th YMIC


April 30 - May 2, 2010

Abstract submission opens:
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Abstract submission deadline:
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